Why Coaching?

For New Grads, Your First Job Search

“Leap Into Life”

Have you created a roadmap for your Job Search Process?  What does that include?  Like writing your initial  resume + create a competencies grid + develop marketing plan.

Suggested Assessment: Elevations© for Students
Suggested Coaching Package: New Grads – ‘Your First Job Search’
‘Leap Into Life’ Workbook coming soon.



For Transition & Mid-Career Individuals

“Refresh, Revive, Renew”

Are you a mid-career individual in transition? Between jobs, layoff, ‘stuck’ in long term career, new degree or certification in another field.

Suggested Assessment: Elevations© for Individuals in Transition
Suggested Coaching Package: Mid Career – ‘Individuals in Career Transition’
‘Refresh, Revive, Renew’ Workbook coming soon


For Encore Careers

“Reinventing Yourself at 50+”

So how will you approach the next phase of your career at 50+? What do you want to do differently?  3 Considerations: Finances, Health, Life Purpose? What is the ‘sweet’ spot when these three connect? What are the first things you’ll do?

Suggested Assessment: Elevations© for Individuals in Transition
Suggested Coaching Package: Career Change at 50+
‘Reinventing Yourself at 50+’ Workbook coming soon


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