Training Your Team

What are the specific skills and issues that your team needs to solve through training and skills practice?


What Kehoe Consultants will do?

We start by conducting a job analysis audit for every position within your organization to establish the types of behavioral and situational questions necessary for their interview process.
We then conduct a Behavioral Interviewing Workshop with the organization’s leaders.


Kehoe Consultants’ Unique Feature

We offer follow-up, one-on-one coaching with each executive/manager (5 Reasons to Move Leaders from Managing to Coaching) workshop participant to reinforce techniques learned – for ‘manager’ to be able to use the new skills quickly and with the highest level of effectiveness


Strategic Recruitment Process

We’ll review your organization’s current recruitment process & create a custom recruitment designed process for your organization.


Behavioral Interviewing Techniques for Leaders / Managers / Supervisors Workshop

The return on investment happens when you prevent just one ‘hiring’ mistake… by having a solid interview process based on ….. identifying the interviewee’s past behavior will indicate their future behavior on their next job.


Talent Management & Performance System

Catalytic Coaching’ System is the perfect blend of Employee Engagement and Performance Management. It is a replacement for, not an addition to, traditional performance evaluations, and it is unique in three fundamental ways: Content / Process / Roles
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Read book by Gary Markle ‘Catalytic Coaching’


Customer Service ‘Knock Your Socks Off‘ Programs

  • Workshops for Employees
  • Webinars
  • Lunch Time Programs
  • Customer Service Coaching for Leaders


Life Balance Package for Mid-Career Individual or ‘Encore’ Individual

Packages includes – Elevations© for Individuals in Transition: Assessment / ‘Workbook’ / Individual Coaching Hours / Resume Development / Competencies Grid / Marketing Plan


Student Career / Job Search Package

Package includes – Elevations© for Students: Assessment / ‘Workbook’ / Individual Coaching Hours / Resume Development / Competencies Grid / Marketing Plan


Leadership Training with ‘Progress Coaching’ System

In a 90 day program, both online, Progress Coaching workshop and individualized coaching includes:

Here’s the program:

  • An Assessment Survey
  • 21 Day Progress Coaching Learning Track Lessons – on – line / with certified coach
  • Best Practices Workshop
  • Coaching Partners for 60 days: bi –weekly coaching assessments/feedback

(Sales training & coaching also available)

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‘Life Reimagined’ – AARP Sponsored Program

Alysia is a certified instructor for this 2-hour format. Complimentary to groups of 20 – 40 people who are in transition and looking for their “Encore” in life. What is the next chapter in their lives?


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