High Impact Career Software

Getting the Job You Want

For many of our clients, job search is an important component of their career change.  From our perspective, we feel we do a disservice if we just help you get t new direction without giving you the resources to turn that great idea into a great job.

Therefore, Kehoe Consultants has identified what we feel is the very best process available to help our clients find great jobs.  It’s called High Impact Job Search.  We teach all our clients this method because it saves time and improves the results. It keeps you from:

  • Spending hours wondering what you should be doing to move your job search forward
  • Feeling guilty about all the time you seem to waste on Internet job sites
  • Working and re – working your resume
  • Attempting to find the right people to network with
  • Attempting to break through the corporate voice mail or HR department to get decision makers …

The list goes on and on.  Every job seeker finds the process frustrating and unproductive.  Dr. Richard Hewitt, PhD. Took his expertise in business process analysis and applied it to job search.  He has developed a totally new way to get the job you want.  It involves nine steps that any job seeker can do.  It does no involve resumes, interviews, traditional networking or interviewing. Curious?

Your initial session with Kehoe Consultants includes an overview of this method.  We also make the  High Impact Job Search products available at a discount price is  $ 995 and we sell the complete program for $ 250.
Click here to request the complete High Impact Job Search program.

The complete system, includes the 73 minute video of the High Impact Job Search Seminar on DVD, the High Impact Job Search Software package for Windows PC, an Audio CD version of the seminar, and the Guide Book.

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