Talent Management

Talent Management | Performance Management | Employee Engagement

What if your Performance Management System was actually an employee engagement tool?

Kehoe Consultants offers to do just that.

Our approach fixes what’s broken by replacing the dreaded performance review with a method that energizes and engages employees.

Read article by Gary Markle ‘The Employee Iceberg”


Retention: Getting Great People to ‘Stay’

Organizations retain people by doing little things to create a highly engaged culture and by understanding why people leave.

Strategies to getting people to stay

  • Retention Starts at the Interview
  • Hard Costs of Loss
  • Cost of Loss / Soft Costs
  • ‘Stay’ Exercise
  • ‘Retention’ for Top Performers
  • 4 Steps Dealing with Tough Requests
  • Trust Dividends


Have us build you a talent management / retention program!