Recruit the best team members through Referrals:

  • Create a Formula for clear Job Postings that ‘draws’ the best talent
  • Referral Program: Set- up Yours Today! Here’s How:
    • When there is a job opening, ask your employees first ‘who do they know’
    • Set a formal monetary ‘rewards’ scale; different dollar amounts depending on job title;
    • When new hire ‘starts’, pay current employee referral reward within 30 days or less (don’t wait until 90 days; this lowers the number of referrals you get from employees and becomes counter-productive to your referral program.)
    • ‘Celebrate’ when a referral becomes a new hire (make a big deal of the connection)


  • More Tips / specific Tools from our best area recruiters: Kelli Long / Tonya Hendley


Retain the great Team members you already have:

  • Honor New Grads, Work Anniversaries, Birthdays, and such, in a monthly Celebration time
  • Who are your best Team members / Collect Retention Ideas / Focus on Individualism
  • Specific Incentives for Team members – Write down specific incentives for each team member
  • Team Communication – Reinforce Weekly/Monthly / Daily communication moments.
    • Schedule 15 minutes per month to have a briefing meeting for each member to review with the group, any new trends in the industry that they want to share
  • The ‘Stay’ Conversation:
    • Quarterly ask each employee what would make them ‘stay’ (not just money). How can you, as the leader, help them?
  • Building Trust


Review Team Members’ Performance QuarterlyCoach Individuals Daily / Always Develop Team Skill

  • Review what the Team Developmental Needs are – through Assessment
  • Individual Coaching Sessions based on Individual’s Skills/ Values/ Personality Traits
  • ‘Launch the Team’ Workshop Specifics: Review of Personality Traits of the Team
  • Include Level of Engagement / Shared Team Values /Team Goals for the Near Future


Your Team’s Next Step: Performance System Based on Coaching Principles / Ideas to Use


More on that in our next blog post