Lunch & Learns

Lead by an expert in human resource solutions and a certified business coach, these seminars address your organizations biggest concerns. With a focus on compliance, training, and coaching in the areas of retention, team communication, and customer service, these seminars give you an advantage in managing your in-house talent.

‘Brown Bag’ Series:

  • Quit Managing & Start Coaching – Five quick coaching tips for managers
  • War of the Generations – How to Hire your Dream Team: How to compare multi-age leads
    going for the same jobs
  • Knock Your Socks Off Service – 4 ways to show customers you care
  • Learn about Your Strengths – Based on Marcus Buckingham’s highly acclaimed books
  • It’s Not You – It’s Your Resume! – Resume reviews for proposals and career growth
  • 7 Things Highly Productive People Do – Insights on staying focused on the job
  • Networking Made Easy – Steps to get you started
  • How to Get Good Referrals – Building your business through referrals
  • Custom Programs – Special motivation programs created just for your organization

Watch our schedule for our next Brown Bag Series or call 803-530-7767 for more information.

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