What does your business need?

“10” Strategic HR Assessment Steps & Questions to Propel Your Organization

Ask yourself the following questions and rate your answers on your level of need:
Done – Want It – Really Need It

#1: Vision, Mission & Values

Legacy – Current Business -Core Beliefs

#2: Redefine Customer Service

Map the Client Experience – Develop Customer ‘Loyalty Programs’

#3: Team Communication

Four Generations Working Side by Side – 16 Personality Types – Need to Bridge the Gap

#4: Drama & Issues

Formula for Robust Conversations – Talk about the ‘Elephant’ in the Room

#5: Performance Evaluations

Need better systems for performance coaching appraisal conversations? – Use ‘catalytic’ approach

#6: Streamline HR Processes

Job Descriptions Updated – Employee Handbook Reviewed – Salary Administration & Salary Surveys – Hire Your ‘Dream Team’ – ‘High Impact’ Direction when market is down

#7: Hiring Preparation

Behavioral Interview Techniques – Referral Program for current Employees to bring ‘new’ talent into the organization

#8: Skills & Cross Training

Training followed by ‘Progress Coaching’ – Leaders: ‘Quit Managing & Start Coaching’ – Employees are responsible for their careers – Give them ‘Elevations’ to max values, skills, interests.

#9: HR File Audit / Analysis

It is critical to know what should and shouldn’t be in an employee file.Plus critical I-9 Compliance

#10: Talent Retention

When the market recovers, there will be an exodus – How to ‘love ‘em not lose ‘em’.

To see how we can help you attain training in any of the above areas please call us for a Free Initial 30 Minute Coaching Session.

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