Our organization had the pleasure of working with these facilitators, to help us revisit our current Mission, Vision, and Values.  We spent eight hours over two days with a group of thirty employees.  The discussions were numerous and varied at times but Alysia and her associate were always able to reel us back in.  We accomplished our goal and are very happy with the end results.  I would recommend these facilitators to any one willing to take the time to sort out their business mission.  The process is a difficult and frustrating one, but is made easier with people like Alysia and her associate.
VP Operation / GM
National Resort and Development Company

With your assistance, the board formulated and articulated for the first time our vision statement, our mission statement, and the values we espouse.  At your suggestion, we developed a list of actions necessary to implement these goals and the measures indicating when each goal was complete. Defining the roles and tasks of each participant in the AIPP program was one of the most constructive and useful aspects of the retreat.  Your model encouraged us to identify and clarify the roles and tasks expected of each AIPP Board Members, the Coordinator, the Town Council, and the Department of Public Works.  Formulating specific roles with clear expectations has helped us to function more effectively and efficiently as a team.  The establishment of “in” and “out” behaviors has imposed ground-rules for how we expect to be treated.
Art in Public Places (AIPP) Coordinator
For Board of Directors of Township

On behalf of the State Association of County Clerks and Recorders, I can’t thank you enough for the insight and the direction you provided us in our Strategic Planning process.  From the executive committee retreat to the meeting with the general assembly, my colleagues and I found your facilitation to be well planned, well presented and well worth our while.  Thank you for helping us expand our vision, embracing the concept that planning for the future, and for change, is a pro- active approach to facing the inevitable. You do great work!
County Clerk & Recorder Group

Our sessions were tailored to our specific needs in a creative and helpful way.  During our sessions, we wrote our mission, goals, and values.  We discovered with Alysia’s and her associate’s help how to make some necessary changes and found some new ways to grow.  It was very exciting for all of us.
Dance Academy

… the training and consulting services Alysia Kehoe and her associate have performed for our resort company.  They have conducted training sessions such as Teambuilding/Myers-Briggs- Part I and Interview Techniques.

Our resort company has a diversity of job disciplines, and they were able to structure sessions to fit the different departments’ needs and concerns.  They assisted us with development and goals for our Managers’ Retreat, which was a great success.  Our managers were able to set attainable goals and use teambuilding tools.  Also, they conducted Interviewing Techniques for the last two years.

They have great ideas, adjust to the audience, and bring a wide spectrum of skills and knowledge from their past experiences.
VP of Human Resources
Resort Development Company

What wonderful training!  These facilitators provided Myers-Briggs training to our entire company and received the corporate equivalent of a standing ovation.  Employees were stopping me in the halls for days to tell me how the training was helping them and to sing the praises of Alysia and her associate. Thank you, and do hurry back!
High Tech Manufacturer

Many thanks to these facilitators and the services they have provided us!  The have contributed significantly to the personnel development of our team here at our Resort Destination Company.  Our company was faced with rapid growth and these facilitators positively impacted our human resource system by acting as our human resource outsource.  Additionally, these facilitators made recruiting, screening and hiring more streamlined for us as we opened offices around the state.  We couldn’t have done it without them!
Resort Destination Company / Colorado


Thank you! We all appreciate you Alysia; you are a great teacher! This was excellent; thank you for the awesome examples and articles.  It’s great to have this binder & Goal Plan to look back at. Thanks.
Assistant to Director
Non – Profit Organization

Thank you Alysia for spending time with us; we learned so much!
“Refresh, Revive, Renew” (RRR) Program Participant

Thank you so much Alysia! You are awesome & I loved the classes! God bless you!
“Refresh, Revive, Renew” (RRR) Program Participant

Thank you again Alysia — This was fabulous! I enjoyed the exchange of ideas, the groups interaction – helped me get more focused.
“Refresh, Revive, Renew” (RRR) Program Participant

We all seem to have the same challenges. I’m no different.
“Refresh, Revive, Renew” (RRR) Program Participant

I really thoroughly enjoyed the course. I am so happy that we’ll all be keeping in touch, Such a lovely group, and so easy to talk to.  I am not a very talkative personal, but this group made it easy to do.
“Refresh, Revive, Renew” (RRR) Program Participant

“Extreme Makeover Challenge” – I wanted to learn more about nutrition especially and other things as well. I was very excited about the exercise class and the time was good – Looking for better health, more energy, better eating habits, get in shape – I like the inspirational tone of the material and Dr. Learner’s book was a slow approach to trying to eat healthier and exercise regularly. The plan is realistic and doable.
Extreme Makeover Participant

While in the program:
Physical Health – I don’t seem to be as tired
Spiritual Health – Spending more quiet time with God
Stress Management – Seem a bit calmer
Habit Patterns – Broke the caffeine habit
Diet – Lost approximately 6 pounds
Eating habits – They are now better
Extreme Makeover Participant

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