Alysia KehoeAlysia Gaynor Kehoe, M.S. / Certified Coach, is the founder of Kehoe Consultants. She has over 20 years of experience in personal development, Human Resource Management, interpersonal communication skills; and leadership and team building. Alysia has worked with a variety of individuals and specializes in moving teams, from acceptable to extraordinary.  Her experience includes coaching individuals and team. She is a certified MBTI Instructor.

Working environments include non – profits, community groups and corporate settings. She is also a Certified Coach through The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. Previous employers include Westin, Starwood Hotels and Resorts, Hyatt Hotels, and Computer Sciences Corporation.

  • Compliance – Kehoe Consultants’ team come with experience from Fortune 500 companies and major universities. We’ve managed all HR functions, including recruiting, selection, salary and benefits administration, and policies and procedures.
  • Training – Experienced with the development and implementation of performance-based training, Alysia is also a certified Myers Briggs instructor and business team consultant. Described as a “Business GPS,” Alysia helps organizations head in the right direction with the right resources.
  • Coaching – With a background in career planning, training, and business ‘progress’ coaching, Alysia moves teams from acceptable to extraordinary, by integrating the elements of leadership, personal development, interpersonal communication, and multi-generational team building.

Kehoe Consultants was established in 1992, and has worked with clients such as hotels, retail, construction, privately owned and health organizations. Our services range from Human Resources consulting to individual coaching.

Currently, the company is expanding its direction to create renewal opportunities for individuals and organizations:

  • Transforming individuals to the next stage of their life
  • Moving organizations beyond point “B”, to be in line with their values by designing systems to implement change
  • Provide expert support as the individual or organization ventures in a new direction

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