Learn ‘details’ about each generation:

What are the ‘character shaping events’ that form each generation?
Why does each generation think the way that they do?

What languages speak to each generation?

What words / expressions capture the attention of each specific 5 generational groups: Traditionalists / Boomers / Gen X / Millennial / Cloud or Z


Leadership Development:

How will leaders:

  • Set up programs / processes for each individual to thrive?
  • Develop to their maximum ability in your organization, regardless of their generation?
  • Set up targeted recruitment / coaching & mentoring / promotions?

How do you get trained leaders to ‘transfer’ their Knowledge, Skills, & Confidence to the people who work with them?

You teach them – whether it be technology, customer service, best business practices — regardless of the individual’s generation.

‘Sweet Spot’: Intersection of the 3 levels / circles to create an organization that is highly engaged and highly productive!


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