In the beginning of your job search, ask yourself these questions:


How do you decide when to hire a high visibility job search coach vs ‘go it alone’?
Response: Not getting a lot of contacts on your own


How do I know I need a job search coach?
Response: Internet is yielding nothing – so many hours searching / filling out applications / cover letters = no responses from companies – still not getting to hiring managers


When in a current job, under what conditions do you ‘search out’ a job coach?
Response: When you are ‘feeling stuck’ / you have exhausted career opportunities in your organization / lay off / project ending etc.


In the book Work Reimagined, Richard J. Leider and David A Shapiro, include the following Work Reimagined ‘Checkup Questions.’  If you can answer yes to one or more of these statements it may be time to look for a job search coach:

  • Life seems to be passing me by while I am trying hard to make a living.
  • Work is getting my best energy, and my relationships are getting what’s left.
  • I know there is more to work, but I am not sure what it is or how to get it.
  • I am ready to take my career in a new directions, but I do not know what it is or how to figure it out?
  • These days, I rarely wake up eager to face the workday with anticipation and energy.
  • I rarely enjoy what I do each day on the job.
  • I do not feel like my gifts and talents are being well used at work.
  • I rarely go to sleep at night with a fulfilling sense that this has been a well-lived day.


How do I use a job search coach?

Prepare background questions for your first conversation with a job search coach:


What is the mindset of a job search coach / when you contact them / what will they ask you?

Find out about the organizations / companies they represent.


What makes a good job search coach for you / industry specific / Job search coach’s attitude?

Ask the job search coach how they approach the following:

How will they help you prepare for a behavioral interview / write a resume / discover your competencies / develop a marketing plan?

  • Help you define your values / skills /interests / career direction / personality traits
  • How will they help you negotiate a new salary for the next job
  • What are your Generational needs / How will you work for younger vs. seasoned managers


Determine if there is a ‘match’ between you and the job search coach

Review the responses from the job search coach; do you see a ‘fit’ between you and the coach?


Review your thoughts from your conversation with the job search coach, with a friend and ask them to be a sounding board to help you make the decision.


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Then call a job search coach today!